Villar Constance
 Japanese ヴィラール・コンスタンス
 Romaji Vu~irāru Konsutansu
 Alias Lustful Earl
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Eye Color Gray
Professional Status
 Affiliation Fantasia Union
 Occupation Lord of Altirk (Formerly)
 Rank Earl
Personal Status
 Status Deceased
 Relatives Selge Constance (Brother)
Igor Constance (Brother)
Floria Kreische (Mother, deceased)
Lucien Constance (Father, deceased)
Marrine Kreische (Cousin)
Jurgen Kreische (Grandfather, deceased)
Margaret Odius (Lover)
Mathias Kreische (uncle)
Magic and Equipment
 Weapon Sword
 Light Novel Volume 1
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 3
 Japanese Voice Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)
Greg Chun (English)

Villar Constance is the Earl of Altirk and Marrine's cousin despite being from the Fantasia Union. He is an earl who rules over Altirk on the eastern side of the continent. Rumor has it that he’ll only agree to contracts with attractive female students at the magic university; not only that, but once they turn 25, he voids their contracts and pairs up with a new female student. This is why he’s known as the Lustful Earl. He was the Lord that Siluca was en route to until she met Theo.


Villar is a handsome young man. He is wearing fancy clothing.


Villar inspires this on those who serve him. And after he's killed, his forces and mages refuse to obey Milza and fight to the end or commit suicide rather than serving another. While honorable and with considerable scruples, he's not opposed to stratagem when it suits him, lulling Waldind into a false sense of security by refusing Theo and Siluca's request to join the Alliance, and subsequently routing Waldind and his cousin Marrine from the field after they believe that can bringing overwhelming force to bear against Theo with impunity. He ends the day with an expanded territory and the services of Theo and Siluca to boot. Despite having wide support among the Union lords and even Alexis' blessing, he declines to take leadership of the Union to wage war against the Alliance because he refuses to take the first strike against Marrine. This costs him Milza's support and ultimately his life.



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