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This is the spoiler policy of Record of Grancrest War Wiki.


Before you read the following content, see Template:W definition on Wikipedia. The first paragraph from the article;

Spoiler is Genex slang for any element of any summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot element which will give away the outcome of a dramatic episode within the work of fiction, or the conclusion of the entire work. Because enjoyment of fiction sometimes depends upon the dramatic tension and suspense which arise within it, the external revelation of such plot elements can "spoil" the enjoyment that some consumers of the narrative would otherwise have experienced.

In a nutshell, spoiler are "considered as the content which most people can't acknowledge yet," one of good examples is plot from the light novel series not yet being adapted into anime.

How to hide a Spoiler

Unlike other wikis dedicated to shōnen series, most readers come to Record of Grancrest War Wiki (or light novel wiki sites, in general) to explore further plot (or you could say they want to be spoiled), so we allow spoilers here on the site, but at a certain rate. To do that, you must use {{Spoiler}} template to hide the content regarding what you will include next in comment section or the likes.

We're now allowing to include spoiler contents in article, only with {{SpoilerWarning}} put on its top and {{SpoilerSection}} for respective sections.

We now have a dedicated channel on the Discord server for spoilers discussions. You are allowed to put spoilers on that channel, but not on any others.

What happens if you see a Spoiler

Under certain circumstances, all spoilers without Spoiler tag to hide its content, based on its severity, will:

  • immediately removed on sight. if other users complaint about or the admin see that a severe matter, or
  • get a {{Spoiler}} tag if the admin see that less serious.


Consequences for causing that will first be a warning, then a 7-day blocking with another warning, then finally a permanent blocking at the admin's discretion.

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