Grancest Senki poster
Grancrest Senki Anime
 Romaji Gurankuresuto Senki
 Genre Action, Fantasy
 Written by Ryō Mizuno
 Published by Fujimi Shobo
 Imprint Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
 Volumes 10 Volumes


Atlatan, a land ruled by Chaos. Fearing disaster brought about by chaos, the people lived protected by “Lords” those with the power of “Crests,” used to suppress the chaos. However, the Lords decided to abandon the concept of protecting the people and turn against each other secretly in war, stealing each other’s Crests to gain dominion over one another. Among these people are Siluca, a lone mage who despises the Lords, and Theo, a vagabond knight who continues his journey of training to someday liberate his homeland from tyrannical rule. Enticed by Theo’s ideals, Siluca’s coercive tactics have the two forming a contract and together, the pair work to reform a war-torn land.


On October 2016, a stage event at the 'Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai' event announced the anime adaptation of the light novel series. Later, it was confirmed to be a television series under the direction by Mamoru Hatakeyama at A-1 Pictures, Ryo Mizuno and Shunsako Yano are charge of the series composition, WriteWorks is credited with the script, Hiroshi Yakuo designing the characters and Yugo Kanno is charge of the music. The anime premiered on January 5, 2018 and will run for 24 episodes.

Episode Covers

Episode List

  1. Contract
  2. Ambition
  3. Battle Flag
  4. Decision
  5. Forest of Eternal Darkness
  6. Marching
  7. The White Prince
  8. The Congress Dances
  9. The Black Princess
  10. Blade of Betrayal
  11. The Fall of Castle Unicorn
  12. A Treaty Formed
  13. To The Homeland
  14. The Liberator of Sistina
  15. Return
  16. Outpost
  17. Two Heroes
  18. Leader
  19. The Awakening of a Noble
  20. Pitched Battle of the Three Forces
  21. Purge
  22. The Holy Grail
  23. Castle Walls
  24. Grancrest


Ryō Mizuno

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