Priscilla Farnese
 Japanese プリシラファルネーゼ
 Romaji Purishira Farunēze
 Alias The Holy Grail
Holy Grail of Farnese
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Pink
 Eye Color Green
Professional Status
 Affiliation Order of the Crest
 Occupation Priestess
Personal Status
 Status Deceased
Magic and Equipment
 Magic Healing Magic

Holy Grail

 Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 2
 Japanese Voice Natsumi Takamor (Japanese)
Kayli Mills (English)

Priscilla Farnese was a priestess of the religious Order of the Crest. She has the same family name as the late pope. Priscilla expresses her hope that she can help Lord Theo with, what she sees as, his "divine battle to subdue Chaos". She has a 3-dimensional crest that she uses to heal people. When Siluca starts to voice a possible family connection, Priscilla politely silences her.


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Priscilla almost never takes Siluca's badgering about her religious beliefs personally and earnestly tries to proselytize Theo and Siluca on behalf of her Order constantly. She says some oddly prophetic things when healing Irvin after a battle and seems to go into a trance from time to time to comment on the fate of the people she heals.


As the "Holy Grail." The Crest that appears when she uses her healing abilities is noted to be shaped differently than other members of her order. According to the teachings of the Order of the Crest, should a Holy Grail be given all the Crests of the world, a god will descend and end the age of Chaos. Theo notes the similarities between this tale and the formation of the Grancrest.


Family Tree


She is not destined to die here.

-Priscilla to Aishela


  • The Holy Grail crest is not made of chaos as it did not turn to a black ball after it's vassal died.