Milza Kuces
 Japanese ミルザー・クーチェス
 Romaji Miruzā Kūchesu
 Alias The Black Swordsman
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Yellow
Professional Status
 Affiliation Factory Alliance
 Previous Affiliation Fantasia Union
 Occupation Lord
Personal Status
 Status Deceased
 Relatives Sayid Kuches (Father, Deceased)

Unnamed Adopted Daughter

Magic and Equipment
 Weapon Short Sword
 Anime Episode 5
 Japanese Voice Wataru Hatano (Japanese)
Kaiji Tang (English)

Milza Kuches is the prince of Dartania, a nation located on a small continent across the sea from Altirk and next to Haman. He is a friend of Villar Constance who has been traveling in secret for the last five years. He has no use of anyone that lacks ambition. Especially for those that, in his eyes, give it up.


Milza is a tall and mysterious man. He wears a middle eastern outfit with a robe covering most of his head all the time.


Milza is introduced as an individual who is bloodthirsty and a fanatic believer in strength. He is an ambitious man, who believes that only through oppression will the continents be united. He is heartless and fickle, remaining loyal only as long as he sees that the person he deems worthy of serving has the ambition and power to become the emperor. If these requirements aren't met, he will usually kill the candidate and take their crest for himself.

Milza is also suicidally self-reliant, never truly accepting of other's advise. This can be shown through the fact that he constantly deems the advice given to him by his mage advisor (Who is actually Marrine's) as useless and invalid.

He is a character who rules with an iron-fist, not really caring of other's lives as long as his ambitions are fulfilled.


Milza killed his own father, who he deemed too weak, to take the throne of Dartania. Milza known to attack long after any sensible foe would have attempted surrender or retreat and a proponent of this and he disdains Theo's more defensive-minded fighting style and desire to avoid unnecessary casualties. To illustrate the difference, when Villar marches on Alliance holdings to join the Union lords at their Congress. Theo and Milza are each shown taking a castle as part of the overall campaign: Milza slaughters the primary inhabitants of the castle and takes the lord's crest forcibly, whereas Theo convinces his opposing lord to surrender without bloodshed and even swear loyalty to him personally. The one that can unify the continent to wit, focusing his attentions on Villar. After Villar refuses the leadership of the Union, he changes his allegiance to Marrine after she agrees to sleep with him to prove her dedication to uniting the continent. When he leads Dartania's naval fleet against Artuk, he leaps into battle aboard Artuk's ships and annihilates their crews single-handedly.