Marrine Kreische
 Japanese マリーネ・クライシェ
 Romaji Marīne Kuraishe
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Cyan blue
Professional Status
 Affiliation Factory Alliance
 Occupation Leader of the Factory Alliance

Lord of Waldlind

 Rank Margrave
Personal Status
 Status Alive
 Relatives Villar Constance (Cousin, deceased)
Selge Constance (Cousin)
Igor Constance (Cousin)

Alexis Deux (Husband)
Mathias Kreische (Father, deceased)
Jurgen Kreische (Grandfather, deceased)

Magic and Equipment
 Weapon Sword
 Equipment Black and Gold Armor
 Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
 Japanese Voice Ai Kayano (Japanese)
Erika Harlacher (English)

Marrine Kreische is the Margrave now in charge of the Factory Alliance and the Lord of Waldlind after her father Mathias Kreische, the late Archduke of Factory Alliance was killed along with the Archduke of the Fantasia Union, Sylvester Deux on her wedding day. While she is still in love with Alexis, the political tensions between the Alliance and the Union has made it impossible to talk with Alexis in a peaceful setting. In addition, her vow to honor her father's memory as leader of the Alliance has set her actions down a warpath; making her believe that her love for Alexis is impossible to maintain.


Marrine is a young woman in her twenties with blonde hair and cyan blue eyes. She is normally seen wearing a black dress with silver accents that signifies her state of mourning, even in battle, where she adds a suit of armor over it.


Marrine is a ruthless princess who intends to rebuild Waldlind by military force and kill anyone who refuses to swear fealty to her. She's not evil at all, just entirely too cynical; she believes that this is the most effective way to reunite the Grancrest and bring an end to the age of Chaos. Given how the last attempt to reunite the continent through marriage turned out. Marrine is willing to do whatever it takes to become queen, even if it means fighting against those she cares about, using underhanded tricks in contravention of the Lord's Code, and sleeping with Milza to gain his allegiance. Marrine, elegant princess of the Alliance who is perhaps the most gifted political and military leader in the series. She doesn't fight much herself, but she doesn't hesitate to personally behead a traitor with her own sword - one-handed, at that. During the telling of the story of her romance with Alexis, she is implied to be uncaring and mistrustful of most males that approached her, even towards Alexis. This of course changes after she falls in love with him, unsurprisingly making her agree and come to terms with Alexis's view on what a Lord should be. She buries her kinder and more gentle side that she showed to Alexis in favor of sheer ruthlessness and devotion to conquering the continent. When Villar notes in his dying words that he wishes she could be wed to Alexis for the sake of her happiness, she claims that she has shed any notion of ever being worthy of happiness.


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