Volume 2
Grancrest Senki Manga Volume 2
 Japanese グランクレスト戦記 2
 Romaji Gurankuresuto Senki 2
 Cover Theo Cornaro
 Pages 160
 Release Date June 16, 2017
Volume Chronology
 Previous Volume 1
 Next Volume 3

This is the second volume of the Grancrest Senki manga series.


Chaos dominate everything, the Lords who makes the best use of the sanctuary Crests for power seeking "catastrophe catastrophe" as a trigger It went into the era of war ....

Beat the drowning Lord in desire, To the wandering monarch who became the lord and the magician Shiruka The next trial awaited. Burning Lord Lassic with ambition! Together with Aishela who came to rescue as an old friend of Siluca fight a difficult enemy!.[1]


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