Volume 1
Grancrest Senki Manga Volume 1
 Japanese グランクレスト戦記
 Romaji Gurankuresuto Senki
 Cover Siluca Meletes
 Pages 162
 Release Date May 25, 2017
Volume Chronology
 Next Volume 2

This is the first volume of the Grancrest Senki manga series.


The continents where Chaos dominates everything, people are frightened by the threat of Chaos and live protected by the Lords who master the power to quell the chaos but gradually the Lords fight each other territories with the power of Crests, the continents rush into the age of war .... The solitary magician Siluca, who despises the ideals without ideals, and the wandering Lord Theo with a noble belief. The encounter between the two people will cause a turbulence on the continents! The Great War Fantasy over the Emperor's Seal that brings order to the world! !.[1]

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