Light Novel Volume 10
Record of Grancrest War 10
 Japanese グランクレスト戦記 10 始祖皇帝テオ
 Romaji Shiso Koutei Teo
 Cover Theo Cornaro
Siluca Meletes
 Pages 260
 Release Date March 20, 2018
 ISBN 978-4040726489
Volume Chronology
 Previous Light Novel Volume 9

This is the tenth volume of the Record of Grancrest War light novel series.


Theo, the convention, the coalition, the fellowship of the alliance was established and became emperor. However, Pandora of the Mage Association who had been in danger hits the tooth and the final battle starts. What is the real intention of Pandora who wants chaos in the world? And what is the future that Theo and Siluca will have!?



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