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Introduction arc

Irvin is introduced when he goes to attack and repel the incoming enemy attack, he gets attacked by an arrow but dodges it and disables the bow of the marksmen, then he throws two daggers into two enemies throat, killing them instantly. One of his trowing daggers gets blocked, getting the defender confident about being capable of this. He takes advantage of this confidence and quickly goes behind him, dealing the final blow. The leader, then, proceed to say he's the worst thing he could've encounter, thinks for a while and then sends his best warrior. The strong-looking warrior activates his seal and releases a barrier that makes his skin hard as metal. Making completely useless any throwing object at him. The warrior attacks Irvin but he dodges all his attacks, then jumps away and hits another throwing dagger into his eye, which was the only part unprotected, he then fells to the ground of the pain. The warrior later joins Theo. Irvin warns Theo that they are being ambushed so he unleashes his weapon and disappears. He is later seen talking to Siluca, she was worried about him being out there when he was most needed but then he responds that he was killing sharpshooters who were shooting at them, then he also speaks about another Shadow who fought with but it seems he was skilled enough to fight back and also to escape, Irvin seems to have no injuries after the fight.