Episode 9
The Black Princess
 Japanese 漆黒の公女
 Romaji Shikkoku no Kimijo
 Air Date March 2, 2018
Theme Songs
 Opening Starry
 Ending Pledge
Anime Chronology
 Previous Episode 8
 Next Episode 10

The Black Princess is the ninth episode of the Record of Grancrest War anime series.


The Fantasia Union seeks to foster peace, but the Factory Alliance opts for battle. When Starck attempts to secede from the Union, Marrine mercilessly sends her troops to attack. Siluca recommends supporting their neighbor, Starck, but having pledged loyalty to Alexis, Villar is steadfast in his refusal to do so. In fact, he orders Siluca and Theo to leave the castle.
Theo takes the heartbroken Siluca with him on a journey across the territory. It is then that he tells her just how much he cares for her.

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Episode Notes

  • Theo confesses his love for Siluca.


  • This episode was released in Japan on February 24, 2018.




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