Episode 7
The White Prince
 Japanese 白亜の公子
 Romaji Hakua no Kōshi
 Air Date February 16, 2018
Theme Songs
 Opening Starry
 Ending Pledge
Anime Chronology
 Previous Episode 6
 Next Episode 8

The White Prince is the seventh episode of the Record of Grancrest War anime series.


All of the Lords of the Fantasia Union are gathered for a conference. As the Altirk troop heads to Jalucia, the conference site, Forbes and Clovis are two points of passage that they must conquer. Theo is headed to a port city, which is ruled by an independent Forbes Lord, Ladvan Torias. Theo’s first mission is to capture the port city in order to seize control over Ladvan’s fortress city, but Theo could not possibly sacrifice the people of Ladvan, who endear and trust their sincere Lord. While Theo suggests taking the conflict outside of the city, what kind of strategy will he deploy?

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