Episode 3
Battle Flag
 Japanese 戦旗
 Romaji Senki Hata
 Air Date January 20, 2018
Theme Songs
 Opening Starry
 Ending Pledge
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Battle Flag is the third episode of the Record of Grancrest War anime series.


Much to Siluca's annoyance, Theo allows Priscilla Farnese of the Order of the Crest to serve him. As Theo's forces begin consolidating their power, Siluca suggests that Theo should take the name of the late hero Cornaro in order to pursue his dream of liberating his homeland Systina. Siluca then begins arranging for negotiations with neighboring Lords to join Theo peacefully, but they mostly decline, believing Theo to be a puppet of Siluca. Later, Theo and Siluca race to a mining town where a giant chaos beast has burned the surroundings. After defeating it, Theo and Siluca help the town recover. Later, the King of Savis challenges Theo to a battle who refuses to accept Theo's independence. Though the neighboring Lords let Theo pass, they keep themselves out of the fight, when the miners that Theo saved before offer to bolster his forces. Theo projects his "Battle Flag" with his crest, empowering his troops. During the battle, Theo's forces are able to fight off Savis large forces when the Independent lords join forces with Theo upon learning the King of Savis intention to invade their lands, routing Savis troops and making Theo's rank a Viscount. Later, Siluca meets with her adoptive father, Aubest Meletes, and offers Theo's support to the Factory Alliance.

Long Summary

An emissary named Priscilla Farnese and her associates from the Order of the Crest visit Theo's Castle in hopes to join his cause. Siluca tries to dissuade Theo from allowing the visitors from joining his side due to the rumor of them confiscating crests from lords. However, Theo still allows them to serve him, which annoys Siluca.

At the dinner table, David boasts to Theo and Siluca about how the local lords that either surrendered or joined Theo's cause. Moreno notes how winning over Lord Neeman was a remarkable victory. With what they've accomplished so far, Western Sievis is now theirs, making it not a long shot that Theo could one day become king. Siluca corrects David on that sentiment and explains Theo's true goal of gaining control of a place under the Union. Because of the stakes at this endeavor, that would tarnish his repute with the Union, which is why he's going to switch Alliance's side to further his plans. This plan was withheld from Theo until it became more realistic. Also now that Theo is a Baron, he gains the surname Cornaro from Siluca. It's the same surname that belonged to a hero of Sistina, who unified the island and brought the demon territories under control. He, however, was betrayed and killed by the Rossinis before he could finish his work. Theo agrees to take up the name as it's a name associated with a stain on the Rossini family's past. With that all settled, Siluca has Morena negotiate with Viscount Naville, the King of Sievis. The negotiation is to have the King recognize the independence of Lord Theo's lands. Although Morena notes the sensitivity of this negotiation, Siluca claims she has faith in him.

Afterward, Siluca talks with Sartorus whom tells her that the King of Clovis will recognize Theo's independence. That is so long as he doesn't invade the King of Clovis' lands. Siluca thanks Sartorus for his hard work, who in turn, mentions the rumor surrounding Theo being and her puppet. Hearing the rumor concerns Siluca, who then meets with Theo outside his room. Before the two could talk, Irvin appears out of the shadows and reports that a Chaos Hazard has appeared near the castle.

On the site of the Chaos Hazard, it's heard from a blacksmith that the coal there exploded and a worker's back was infected by Chaos. While Siluca tends to the infected man and Theo tries to put out the fire, a Salamander Chaos Beast appears. Theo tries to attack it, but fails to do any damage to it, so Siluca has Aishela deal with it. With the Salamander's attention now focused on Aishela, Siluca has Theo and Irvin focus on evacuating the townspeople. Taking Silcula's place, Priscilla uses her magic to heal the infected victim. So Siluca uses her magic to draw water from the local well to defeat the Salamander, but it's body then explodes resulting in collateral damage to the town. Siluca then erects a barrier Priscilla and the victim to defend them against the explosion and Theo comes to her aid and defends against the explosion.

The day after the event in the town ravaged by the Salamander, Siluca awakens in her room with Aishela by sitting by her bedside. Once she awakens, Siluca immediately heads to Theo's side who's seen talking with a couple of residents. Seeing the injuries Theo sustained from the last night, Siluca tends to them. As she does, Siluca asks for forgiveness for her actions from that night and thanks him for protecting her too. Theo then mentions that he heard that Sartorus successfully handled the negotiations with Clovis. Siluca then mentions that she was scolded by him for not honoring his feelings. On the other hand, Theo still respects her and is thankful for all she's done. Furthermore, Theo states that he'll continue relying on her for the future. Happy to hear that, Siluca mentions that in the future they'll have to negotiate with the Alliance in the future. The person in question will be Aubeste Meletes, Siluca's mentor.

Later that day, Moreno returns from his negotiations with the Viscount and reports that it was a complete failure. Apparently, the matters will be settled on the battlefield as all of the lands belongs to him. Wasting no time, they contact the local allied lords for help for the upcoming battle.

On the day of the battle, David projects their chances of winning is meek. He, however, is humored by Theo's conviction to charge into enemy lines to buy time for his men to retreat if the tides of battle turn on them. Lord Neyman also voices his support to help him if it comes down to it. As the night draws near, no support from the local lords have arrived, yet the miners from the local town they saved from the Salamander arrive to help. Although Theo is morally against their help, he's pursued by Siluca to let them fight on their side. So using his crest, Theo creates what's called a Patriot's Flag that marks all of his allies' with his mark. The next day, the battle commences and Theo's army easily gets the upper hand on their enemy. Their attack is also bolstered mid-fight as the Free Lords army joins the fight on Theo's accord. The reason for their fealty towards Theo was they learned of the ulterior motive of the King of Savis to subjugate the Lords' Crests for himself. Suffering an overwhelming defeat, the King of Savis retreats and vows vengeance for the humiliation he faced in battle. Thanks to the King's withdrawal, it's officially declared that Theo is the victor of the battle.

Eventually, Siluca acts as an envoy to Marrine Kreische to negotiate an alliance with her faction. Marrine says she'll consider it and thus Siluca takes her leave.

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