Episode 2
 Japanese 野心
 Romaji Yashin
 Air Date January 13, 2018
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 Opening Starry
 Ending Pledge
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Ambition is the second episode of the Record of Grancrest War anime series.


Theo comes to terms with ruling his own territory, but Siluca is worried that neighboring Lords might try to conquer the region before Theo can settle in, and summons her familiar Cait Sith, Sir Balgary, to call upon an old friend. Meanwhile, Lassic David rallies his troops to attack Theo's domain. Later, Sir Balgary returns with Aishela, an eccentric Artist and Siluca's mentor, just as Lord David's troops march on to Theo's castle. Theo and his allies use their superior skills and tactics to beat Lassic's larger numbers. Lassic willingly surrenders his crest and his men to Theo, thinking that he can still conquer other territories under his rule.

Long Summary

David is informed of not only Theo's acquisition of Lord Mest's Crest and Castle, but also him joining the Union by his subordinate Moreno. Elated by this news, David plans an attack against Theo, regardless of what the Lords of Clovis think.

At Theo's castle, Siluca reports that the three villages that fall under his jurisdiction recognize him as their new lord. The topic of taxes is then discussed as the villages were heavily taxed by the previous lord. Hearing this, makes Theo sullenly regret becoming the new lord as he simply wanted to become the lord to his small impoverished village. Because of the condition of his village, he left the island his village was on. Siluca notes that what Theo did could be considered abandonment and that in doing so he'll become stronger in order to save it when he returns. Theo notes the candidness of the last remark and Siluca simply says that she's a goal-oriented person. Furthermore, if Theo is an over-virtuous person that wouldn't sit well for the goal at hand. Later in her quarters, Siluca and Irvin discuss matters pertaining to the surrounding lords and who will take action first. Irvin believes that it'll be the Lord of Sievis, Lassic David. The man boasts great military power and has recently hired mercenaries to his cause, which draws the question should they hire their own. On the other hand, Siluca admonishes that notion and prefers to contact a friend instead and has Irvin continue his reconnaissance of the local lords. Irvin agrees to do so and leaves.

With Irvin gone, Siluca summons her Cat Familiar Sir Balgary. Upon his arrival, Sir Balgary allows Siluca to pick him up and scratch his ears, an honor that pleases her. Siluca then informs Sir Balgary that she wants him to deliver a message to Aishela, which disconcerts him. However, once Sir Balgary completes this mission, she'll have many treats waiting for him upon his return. Hearing this, Sir Balgary agrees to deliver the message and vanishes out of sight. That afternoon, Siluca and Theo talk about why Siluca absconded from her duty to form a contract with her assigned lord. Siluca resents serving a lord that has shady motives, she favors ones with more dignified ideals like the first Lord Leon. All Theo has to do is maintain is moral conviction as he rises to power and Siluca will always be by his side. Without hesitation, Theo agrees to that and says he'll be relying on Siluca, to which, the mage thanks her.

That night, David and his forces ready themselves for their siege on Theo's Castle. David's mage Moreno is an acquaintance of Siluca and is ordered to take care of her by David. The following morning, David and his 50 troops and 5 mercenaries are seen at closing in on Theo's castle. Siluca has Theo stay in the castle as she and the newly arrived Aishela shall take care of everything. Upon her arrival, Aishela embraces Siluca. After learning that Theo is Siluca's Lord, warns him that she'll kill him if he does anything unscrupulous to Siluca. Sequentially, Theo is introduced to Sir Balgary and Aishela chooses her weapon to use in battle.

Once the invading forces are close enough, David gives his troops the signal to attack. Knowing full well that the invading forces mage has cast an invisibility spell for scouting purposes. Siluca has Irvin take the right flank, Aishela the center, while she will take the right flank. On her side, Siluca entraps the soldiers in a magical wall made of earth and zaps them unconscious with a thunder spell. It's then that Morena lands a light blow on Siluca with his magic. Revealing himself to his former junior, Moreno plans to use her as leverage for winning the battle by making her surrender, Morena attack Siluca with his sword. She, in turn, defends herself with her Abjuration Magic.

On Aishela's side, she forces her attacks to retreat, making her pursue them and entrap the leader named Petr of the group with a kiss. Petr then tries to restrain Aishela and martyrs himself to have his men kill him along with her. This tactic fails, so Petr and his men retreat, which causes Aishela to take a great interest in Petr, much to his dismay. Focusing Irvin who handily kills the soldiers on his side, David has his Captain Gluck fight against Irvin. Immediately, Gluck hardens his skin as if it was steel, making it impossible for Ivrin to be able to use his knives against his opponent. So in retaliation, Irvin throws a knife at one of his most vulnerable spots, his right eye. Shifting back to Morena vs. Siluca, who both show great fatigue while fighting against each other. At that moment, Theo arrives on the scene and replaces Siluca as Morena's opponent. The two briefly fight on par, until Theo manages to land a blow on Morena's left cheek. Elsewhere, Irvin and David were about to face off against each other, but are stopped by Theo who reveals he has his mage hostage. Because of this, David surrenders.

That evening, David submits himself to Theo and pledges fealty towards him in hopes that one day he'll conquer the surrounding lands. Theo agrees to this and takes his crest, upgrading it to the rank of Baron.

After the credits, Villar talks with his retainer Margaret about the insubordination of Siluca.

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