Episode 15
 Japanese 帰還
 Romaji Kikan
 Air Date April 20, 2018
Theme Songs
 Opening Rin
 Ending Shōdō
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 Previous Episode 14
 Next Episode 16

Return is the fifteenth episode of the Record of Grancrest War anime series.


Theo liberates his homeland from Rossini family's oppression at last. Not only does the Mage Association recognize Theo as ruler of Sistina, he also becomes the ruler of Bulltava. The Black Witch Yana is also sentenced to be executed in Sistina immediately, forgoing any interrogation. But Siluca finds this questionable.

Just then, Theo must return to Artuk right away, when they hear about Milza’s purge of the people in Altirk. Theo vows to defeat Milza.

Long Summary

In a dungeon cell area, Siluca and Aishela question Yana about various topics that she is or may be involved in. However, Yana gives no direct answers as she simply rolls on the ground like a madwoman due to her chains.

The Mage Academy holds a public execution for Yana for her role in the Great Hall tragedy. This all perplexes Siluca as to why they'd expedite execution this without proper evidence and a trial. Before the execution begins, a representative of the academy presents Theo with the Rank of Earl and full ownership over the lands of Bulltava and Sistina. Furthermore, he's awarded various items for capturing the Black Witch Yana. Just as the fire is lit to Yana's bonfire execution, she sacrifices herself to summon a great demon lord.

News of the execution and of Theo's accomplishment reaches Milza that is relayed by his subordinate Telius in Milza's throne room. Paying no mind to the news of Theo, Milza claims that he only needs to be wary of Lassic. Telius tries to admonish his master of that notion. Theo is apparently a popular figure in those lands and the surrounding lords could start an uprising against Milza if he doesn't act accordingly. Just then a messenger arrives and informs his king of the uprising of the free lords at their fortress. Surveying in the fortress, Milza demands to know why a fortress of a thousand men fell in two days. The fortress was caught in a surprise attack where half of the soldiers were killed in a diversion attack. Among the ranks of the diversion attack, was werewolves and vampires. Telius then reinforces the notion that it is no longer an uprising, but a declaration of war toward Milza and his Artuk army. Milza realizes this, but questions why his people are not obeying him as he should be due to the court rank system. In response to that, Telious confirms Milza's statement, but notes that because of their disobedience he must act in retaliation. Having no qualms against it, Milza agrees to hunt the turncoats staring with the White Witch and then to the Werewolves' villages. Finally, the last target will be the free lords building that attacked the fortress.

On the night after he launched his own surprise attack on the White Witch Village, Milza notes that he was too deferential with Villar's people. Therefore, from that point on he will fully-direct his attention on an invasion on Regalia with impunity. However, anxiety still unsettles Telius as he's still afraid of the response from Theo. Once again, Milza brushes off Theo as no one special even going as far as to disregard his recent accomplishment in Sistina.

Meanwhile, the residents of the werewolf and white witch villages take refuge in Dimitrie's old castle. Zelma the white witch chief learns from scrying on her crystal ball that Theo is returning. This is true as he and his allies ride a boat to Artuk in hopes to bring down Milza.

The following day, Theo meets with Lassic and Moreno. They also meet with Laura who's alive thanks to Helga's poison. She's now serving Edokia. Lassic wants to shift his position to Theo who wants him to hold off just for now. Later Siluca asks Moreno to take control of the upcoming conference. Although Moreno doesn't like the idea, he still allows it and warns her that some of the lords still favor Lassic over Theo.

At the start of the Artuk Treaty Lords' summit, Theo has everyone do a moment of silence for those recently lost to Milza's retaliation. After it, Lord Alfred Shakes voices his opinion on while Theo's accomplishment on Sistina was superb, he should stay on the continent to maintain balance. This is rebuked by another lord and Ellet who claim culpability issues. Alfred clarifies his reason and still insists on his earlier notion. Lady lord Edokia questions if Alfred is merely anxious about the next leader, but notes that she still favors Lassic. Furthermore, she's currently trying to keep the Nord forces with her money and supply reserves that are nearly run out. To everyone's astonishment, Theo acknowledges these facts. He then proclaims claims that he'll take responsibility for the lords that perished in his absence and takedown Milza himself. Selge has no qualms against the notion as he feels he's incapable of avenging his older brother. With no objections, it's unanimously decided that Theo's proclamation will be honored.

Elsewhere at Marrine's castle, Marrine holds a meeting with Milza and Ulrika. The meeting concerns the conquest of Artuk, Marrine shifting her focus of Ozari to Bulltava, and then Theo. Soon the meeting is interrupted by Aubest who informs them of Theo's declaration to take back the Forest of Eternal Darkness. Wasting no time, Milza heads out, but is also warned about not underestimating Theo.

At Dimitrie's old castle located in the Forest of Eternal Darkness negotiates with the representatives from the werewolf and white witch villages. They both agree to use the forest as the place to defeat Milza's forces and use the geographical setting to their advantage. Nevertheless, the fact still remains that once the battle there is over they'll still have to retake Castle Unicorn. To that next goal, Juzel proposes getting troops from the Artuk Treaty and Siluca concurs. To deal with enemy reinforcements, they're in talks with an anti-Milza rebellion from Dartania. As for Starck, there's rumor of a slave revolt, therefore, it'd be wise to capitalize on that notion. Juzel himself offers to be the one to take on the responsibility in as he has experience crushing rebellions and vice versa. Theo agrees to this proposal and commences the war into action. At Castle Unicorn, Telius informs Milza of Theo's plan to kill him and retake Artuk. Before Milza goes off to take action against Theo in the forest, he's admonished to do so by Telius, however, Milza executes his right as lord to do it.

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