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 Japanese クレスト
 Romaji Kuresuto
• First Appearance•
 Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 2
• Users•
 Users Lords

Crest (クレスト, Kuresuto) is a power which can be harnessed by Lords to purge Chaos.


A symbol that can purge Chaos. The larger in size it grows, the larger and more complex its pattern also becomes. Those who possess Crests are called Lords. Crests are acquired by either defeating the Lord who owns it, or else by receiving one after swearing fealty to a Lord, but it is said that anyone with a strong enough will can conceivably create one out of Chaos core.


There was a time when the Chaos level was much higher but a man, later in history known as First Lord Leon who has the holy seal (Crest) brought back order and unite the Atlatan continent. He was called the first Lord, being the only existence that can use the Crest to quell the Chaos. He protected the people from Chaos, thanks to the humans territories increased massively.


By wielding a Crest’s power, the owner can take advantage of various effects, such as increasing his physical abilities or enhancing his weapons and armor.



Milza Crest
Episode 22
"Holy Grail"
Lion crest 2
lassic Crest

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