Atlatan Map New
 Japanese アトランタ
 Romaji Atoranta
First Appearance
 Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Manga Volume 1, Chapter1
 Anime Episode 1

Atlatan (アトランタ Atoranta) is a world in the Grancrest War universe. The continent where the main setting take place was also called Atlatan Continent.


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The nation on Atlatan continent was divided between several political power; the Factory Alliance, Fantasia Union and after the fall of Artirk, the Altirk Treaty. However, there are some nation that choose to remain independent and neutral.


There is a variety of races inhabiting Atlatan:

  • Human: The main race in Atlatan.
    • Mage: A race of human that was born with the ability to wield magic.
    • Witch: A race of human who practice summoning being from other dimension.
  • Demons: A race of monsters with demonic features. Some of them are come from the dimension called Chaos
  • Vampire: A race of humanoid beings with demonic features.
  • Werewolf: A race of humanoid beings with wolf-like features.


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  • The name Atlatan is derived from the legendary city of Atlantis
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