Japanese アイシェラ
 Romaji Aishera
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Purple
 Eye Color Crimson-red
Professional Status
 Affiliation Earl of Artuk
 Occupation Artist
Personal Status
 Status Alive
 Relatives Siluca Meletes (Adoptive sister)
Magic and Equipment
 Magic Patriot (Battle flag)
 Weapon Sword
 Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 2
 Japanese Voice Reina Ueda (Japanese)
Allegra Clark (English)

Allow me to guide you to the afterlife!
— Aishela [src]

Aishela is Siluca’s elder sister and an immensely able mercenary who’s mastered the use of a pole weapon. Unlike the logical, idealistic Siluca, she’s uninhibited by nature, and is a gorgeous, voluptuous woman. She adores Siluca.


Aishela wears a valkyrie outfit beneath her armor, exposing her skin even more than Siluca's. She has waist-length purple hair, the main theme of her battle outfit from the wings on her helmet to her choice of weapon.


Aishela is shown to be protective of her friends and enjoys fighting. She has the hots for Siluca and takes every opportunity to feel her up but also glomps a male soldier on the battlefield and calls him cute before trying to kill him.


Aishela protected Siluca from discrimination and from being killed when she was abandoned by Aubest Meletes.[1]


Along with Facial Markings, one of the signs of being an Artist. The tattoos deepen and expand when she utilizes her abilities to enhance her speed and power.


Her preferred weapon, although she seems to use a modular weapon that can switch out its blade for different situations.

Family Tree



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